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Our experienced health service consultants are always ready for your enquiries. When you decide to have your medical treatment with Petra, the only thing you need to do is to trust our representatives and keep in contact with them during your medical journey.

You can contact them via phone, email or request from through our website. You can ensure that you will get response as quick as possible. After giving details of your medical case, our consultants get in touch with our surgeons and hospitals that we are in collaboration with so as to provide you the soonest, correct information. You will receive a detailed e-mail or a text message consisting of the available dates of the surgeon and hospital for your surgery, treatment plan, details of the hospital, hotel and transfer cars which you will use for your local transportation, things to consider before and after your surgery, cost of the treatment and payment terms etc.. There is also a possibility to have access to our surgeons directly for online consultations.

Before you arrive, Petra may ask for your passport copy to be able to book your hotel, your surgery and your flights (if they are provided by Petra). Petra’s Patient Medical History Form is also required so that our surgeons can have a knowledge about you and lead you in a correct way till you come and prepare you for your surgery.

When you arrive in our country, Petra will wait for you at the airport. You will see your name and your hotel name there. You are then transferred to your 5-star-hotel which is not far from your hospital and the airport. You will also be near shopping malls, classy restaurants and even the beautiful sea of Istanbul just in case you may want to go out and go sightseeing. If you have time, you will have a chance to go to the surgeon’s consultation office to see each other and discuss about your case. If you arrive in the country late in the evening, you will have a night rest at your hotel and the next day one of our cars takes you to the hospital where your surgery will be operated in. We recommend our patients not to eat or drink anything after midnight if their surgery is earlier in the morning. You will have much time to talk to your surgeon all about your treatment.

All our representatives and hospitals’ staff know foreign languages so you don’t have any problem with communicating. Petra will be with you when your doctor visits you at the hospital before you release. Petra will provide the medications that are prescribed by the doctor and any other requirements if there are. Your post-op consultations will be organised by us and you will see your doctor at least twice before you leave. Petra team will also help you be at the airport on time on your departure day. You won’t be finished after you leave our country. You and our representatives will be in contact afterwards.

We naturally build strong bonds with our patients. We care that one representative from our team deals with the same patient from the beginning to the end. So we don’t allow patients that they feel like they get lost in a foreign country by seeing and talking to different people.

That is why Petra keeps long-term-relationships with patients and stays in touch with them for their medical needs and beyond.

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