What is medical tourism?

It is a growing trend of traveling to another country to avail affordable best quality healthcare support unavailable back home and enjoy a vacation as well.

Can Turkey be the right choice for medical tourism?

Medical tourism is booming in Turkey with nearly 700,000 travelers visiting the country for some medical procedure in 2017. Affordable treatment costs, low waiting time and world class healthcare and wellness facilities have been attracting health tourists from the US, UK, Middle East and other European nations for the last few years.

Which treatments are the most sought-after in Turkey?

Primarily, medical travelers seek varied aesthetic treatments in Turkey like plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and other image-enhancing treatments. World-class facilities here also receive a good number of patients seeking advanced treatments in orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, oncology, infertility issues etc. that are either not covered by health insurance or have long waiting periods in their home country.

How do I judge the treatment standards of healthcare facilities in Turkey?

Turkey has an impressive number of JCI accredited hospitals housing the best medical talent mostly trained and educated in the US. Very few countries outside the US have such great accreditation credentials. Besides, all hospitals in Turkey have to meet the National Accreditation criteria and undergo bi-annual audits. Some hospitals have even partnered with reputed medical institutions of the US like Harvard Medical Center and Johns Hopkins.

How much can I save in treatments?

A patient can make substantial savings to the extent of 80-90% in treatment costs here in Turkey compared to the same in the US or UK without any quality compromise. The percentage of savings varies with treatments.

Will I face language problems in Turkey?

Not at all. We at Petra Global provide language support for all English and non-English speaking medical travelers. English is widely spoken and well understood in most of the accredited hospitals. Hospitals welcoming international patients offer interpreter and language translators whenever asked for.

How Petra Global can help me in medical tourism?

We are a medical tourism consultancy based in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. We will provide you all sorts of assistance and support to avail any medical treatment(s) in the best healthcare facilities of this country that will exceed your expectations.

What kind of services can I expect with Petra Global?

We provide all-inclusive service and support to international patients. This includes pre-travel medical consultation, itinerary planning, hospital admission, treatments and recovery and even post-treatment follow-ups after you fly back home in the best of health and spirits.

Can I use the European Health Insurance Card in Turkey?

Please note that EHIC is not valid in Turkey. You need to ensure that your travel healthcare insurance is enough to cover your treatment costs or you have easily accessible funds to support tour abroad treatment and repatriation.

Who will select the doctor and hospital for me? Will I have any say on this?

We will help in selecting the best doctor and hospitals after the preliminary evaluation by our onboard doctors and consultants. You will be given the option to select as well. All proceedings regarding finalization of doctor and hospital will be done with your approval.

My family will be traveling with me. Do you offer support services for them?

Of course. We understand the need of family members while you are undergoing treatment. We will take care of all their requirements as soon as you land in Turkey.

Can I speak to the doctor before traveling to Turkey?

Petra Global will happily arrange a telephonic or Skype consultation with the selected doctor with you. We will ensure all of your queries are properly answered giving you the confidence to board the flight to Turkey.

Can I opt for travel and tourism in Turkey after the treatment? Will I get any help from you?

Sure. You will have to get the physician’s approval for that. We will make your entire tour plan based on your health condition. Turkey has countless tourism attractions which we feel you should not miss. It will also hasten your recovery provided you travel in a planned manner.

Is Turkey safe for travel?

Yes. Turkey receives millions of tourists annually from different parts of the world to explore the country’s rich history and cultural heritage and soak in the warm Turkish hospitality.

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