Esthetic Surgery of All Kinds

The beauty is not based on facial beauty alone, but the beauty of the body as well, and facial beauty is the result of many factors, including health and skin freshness and consistency of the parts of the nose, cheeks, eyelids and also the eyebrows.
Facial and skin luster can be returned to its natural attractive situation by a lot of types cosmetic surgeries, like blepharoplasty and removing the fat pockets beneath eyelids, as well as facelift, neck lift and rhinoplasty, and there is a simpler type of surgeries to fill cheeks, bottom of eyelids and the lips, like injecting them with fat taken of various body locations, also several types of material can be used to be injected into wrinkles to remove them, like Botox injections which are used to temporarily eliminate the forehead wrinkles, or by filling them with materials similar to the natural skin tissue.
Body reshaping also can be achieved by many cosmetic procedures like liposuction and firming various body parts.
And the use of laser is considered one of the new technology in cosmetic surgery, the laser can be used to remove excess hair from the body, as well as in the treatment of skin spots and in removing the marks of wounds and face lift, a cosmetic surgeon has to determine the type of required and appropriate treatment for each individual case depending on several factors, including the patient’s general health.
The plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgeries are considered one of the most important branches of cosmetic surgery in general, because it addresses the deformations whether they were congenital or caused by accidents, burns or previous surgery, like the treatment of the different levels of burns and congenital malformations in children and others…
In the modern era and after the increase beauty means and the advancement of the plastic and reconstructive medicine, the cosmetic surgery is no longer a luxury. The successful cosmetic surgery has a major impact on the patient’s psychological situation, for example some people suffer from chronic depression because of a congenital deformity and may lead him to introversion and isolationism, and in this case the cosmetic surgery is consider an effective therapy for those patients.

Petra Health coordinates with the largest Turkish hospitals to provide treatment services for various internal diseases along with all surgical procedures at competitive prices, as well as medical care, accommodation, transportation, translation services and accompanying the patients during treatment period.


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